Book discussion group

Starting August 11, 2019. See specifics and email signup form below. About the series Audience The book and discussion will likely benefit most those who engage in some regular creative practice and have some interest and/or familiarity with Jungian psychology. Every attempt will be made to address disparities in the latter among group members. If

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Language embodies imagination

Language embodies imagination; its diastole and systole, its expansion and constriction. Our proclivity for constricting imagination by turning everything into literal noun-things lives in grammar. To see how this plays out, let’s track how the phrase ‘the unconscious’ can open to imagination or turn what began as an experience into a thing. Some emerging psychological

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What the body knows

A friend reported the following experience: “Being an empath can be an odd thing…I was introduced today to an art exhibit photo of two wall clocks hung side-side-side and synchronized.(1) I was asked what I thought it was about. I teared up and cried, with no idea as to why. I didn’t feel any emotion

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