an example of being figured by the work

in the essay, “the dream-ego in the dream, the waking-ego in creativity,” i write of how we (in this case, composer, performers and audience) are figured by the creative work. Here is a stark example. Background for the Rouse composition from    Christopher Rouse’s 2009 composition Odna Zhizn (Russian for “a life”) is what

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Why does Music have such an effect on us? Where does it come from? In the beginning, there was rhythm. In our mother’s womb we hear the beating of her heart and the rhythm of her breath. We feel the stillness and movement and the sleeping and waking of her days. We are born into

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group mind V: connection to the audience

Related posts group mind I: like conversation group mind II: transcendence group mind III: the nature of music group mind IV: chemistry group mind V: connection to the audience Insight: For every ensemble, whether in rehearsal or in performance,  there is always present, their audience. Always at issue in every rehearsal and every performance is

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group mind

The phrase “group mind” in reference to ensemble musical performance is intended to gather the following below. These are developed in a series of reflections under “group mind.” (Links listed at bottom) That the collaborative process of ensemble performance results in music that is greater than the sum of its parts. The music takes on

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being a musician

At the core of being a musician is the deep desire to experience and express what goes beyond words. When someone tells of a spiritual experience, they can’t help but relive it in the telling. The same is true for musical expression: the musician lives what is being expressed. This is part of what makes

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defining moment

There are moments in a musician’s life – defining performances that touch so deeply that they effect a fundamental shift in their humanity – an awakening at the core of their vocations as musicians that forever alters their path. I witnessed last night just such a milestone that will forever remain as a archetypal marker

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