Classical guitar sheet music for CD: Tall Grass

Music is available for these pieces. Use the form below to contact me regarding purchasing.
Recordings are available here.

  1. Pastoral Dance (Danza Pastorale) is in the classical period style. See here for arrangement for two violins.
  2. Abraham was written at a time when, like Abraham of the old testament, I was being sent out into the desert toward the promised land.
  3. Barefoot was written during a phase when I wanted to go barefoot everywhere.
  4. Tall Grass was named after a friend’s dream.
  5. Time To Think is something of a meditation in a space set apart that inspired something different.
  6. Beginnings was one of the first pieces I wrote for classical guitar that was worth keeping.
  7. The Wee Folk captures the mood of a friend’s dream of magical woodland creatures.
  8. The title The Time of Her Confinement is an old phrase referring to a time and space set aside for the birth of a child and for the recovery and bonding.
  9. The Forest is an image of the psyche.
  10. Getting There is a contemporary piece for the journey.
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