Sympathetic vibration of the heart strings

When you a sing near a cello, it vibrates. If you sing the pitch of one of its strings, it will vibrate sympathetically, continuing even after you stop singing.  Like us, the cello was made to sing. And when a skilled cellist plays from the heart, a vibration is set up sympathetic hearts attuned to the song, a vibration that continues after the music ends.

When God’s Spirit sings to us, the heart-strings tuned to the same pitches vibrate, echoing the same song.  The disciples on the road to Emmaus In Luke 24: 32 could have said “were not our hearts singing within us while He was speaking to us.”  Made in God’s image, we resonate when the Spirit sings. We were made for this. We are God’s instruments.

What resonated with your heart this week? How will you carry His song into the world? What does it mean to be God’s instrument?

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  1. I had an experience with sympathetic vibrations that changed my life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this amazing phenomenon.

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